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Duhhh, graphics.
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A B O U T:
DEFINEDGRAPHICS was originally a graphics request community. i've decided to try & make the community a little bit better & i will begin to post layouts & other graphics on a regular basis, AS WELL as take requests. my layouts aren't too complicated, but they're very nice. all graphics & layouts are friends only, so please join & request. at least see what i have to offer!

R U L E S;
01. please make all entries friends only. if your request isn't friends only, it will be deleted.
02. use the request form provided below when requesting.
03. don't request something & then leave. it's rude & a waste of my time.
04. when you request a graphic please make the request as detailed as possible. when choosing fonts for a graphic please visit this website to find the exact font that you'd like me to use.
05. i'd like feed-back on my graphics. so please, when i fill your request tell me whether or not you're satisfied (replying to your filled request also lets me know that you saw the post).
06. credit your maker!

R E Q U E S T F O R M:

maintainer: crashclash: hillary.

current layout & all other graphics ©crashclash unless otherwise stated.